The main character of Dead Space was added to Fortnite – He can not be bought for V-bucks

In anticipation of the release of the Dead Space remake, Fortnite developers decided to add the main character of this game, Isaac Clarke. The bad news is that it cannot be purchased for V-Bucks like most other skins, so you will have to spend real money to get this character.

To get Isaac Clarke, you must purchase the Strange Signals Pack, which includes the following:

  • Isaac Clarke outfit
  • Decoration on the back “X”
  • Decoration on the back “USG “Ishimura””
  • Plasma Cutter Pickaxe – Built-in Upgrade Gear emote allows you to retrieve or hide this pickaxe.
  • Quests that allow you to earn 1500 V-bucks.

The cost of the Strange Signals set is 745 rubles.

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