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The military simulator Arma Reforger from Bohemia Interactive has been released

The military simulator Arma Reforger from Bohemia Interactive has been released after a year and a half in early access Steam. According to the developers, this is not just a military simulator, but a fully modifiable platform that redefines the genre. The game is available on both PC and XBOX and supports cross-play between platforms.

Arma Reforger is developed from the ground up using the all-new Enfusion engine, which brings additional functionality and a more realistic gaming environment to the famous military simulator. The game takes players to the mid-Atlantic islands of Everon (51 km2) and Arland (10 km2) where they can take part in battles using a variety of historically accurate weapons, vehicles and even helicopters!

Much attention is paid to modifications and user content. Players have access to the same set of tools that were used to create the game. Therefore, content creators are limited only by their imagination and scripting abilities.

“We are very proud of this release. When creating Arma Reforger, we started from scratch and worked tirelessly on every pixel and every line of code, drawing on all the experience we gained from developing previous games to bring you new and improved gameplay in the Arma universe. Arma Reforger lays a new foundation on which the future of the series will be built, and gives you a first look at what’s to come for Arma with the Enfusion engine. This release marks the beginning of a new era, and there are many more innovations and improvements ahead,” said Jan Dušek, Arma Reforger project manager.

Let us remind you that at the time of its release in Steam Early Access, the game was criticized by players. But judging by the latest reviews, the developers were able to solve most of the problems. The user rating on Steam over the last 30 days is 73%, but the game’s peak online has not risen above a thousand since the launch of Early Access.

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