The “most comfortable” MMO Palia announced

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Singularity 6 has announced its first game, Palia, which is positioned as the coziest MMO for years to come. The actions of this project will unfold in a constantly evolving fantasy world, where players can build a house, meet and make friends with interesting characters and, together with other players, follow the narrative.

In Palia, people belong to a legendary race that disappeared thousands of years ago at the height of its glory, but no one knows why. Players awaken in a quaint village on the southern coast of Palia, where they try to build a future for humanity. Together with a huge online community, they will discover the secrets of the past as the story unfolds, which will take years.

“We founded Singularity 6 to create games that bring people together. We are so excited to invite players to Palia for the first time. Inspired by some of your favorite games, our game allows you to build your destiny and live in a beautiful world, and also gives you the feeling of being at home. We expect players to play a huge role in shaping the game, and we can’t wait to see what they do in Palia, ”said Game Director Aidan Karabaich.

Palia is at an early stage of development, but everyone can leave an application on the official website of the project to take part in the pre-alpha, which is expected this summer. No release date has been announced yet.

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