The new class of the wizard Ignius in the MMORPG Black Desert Mobile received two trailers

Pearl Abyss has released the first two gameplay trailers for a new wizard class in the MMORPG Black Desert Mobile called Ignius. Cutscenes allow you to learn more about the hero and his style of fighting.

Ignius possesses the powers of fire and water, which he received from the Fire Keeper Marg and the Water Keeper Ane, respectively. He is skilled at delivering strong attacks over a wide area and favors slow but powerful strikes that can break through an enemy’s defenses. This class is best suited for large group fights and mass encounters, not duels.

Ignius’ abilities are as follows:

  • Whirlpool Blast — Ignius creates a barrier of icy water, trapping his enemies and stunning them with a powerful explosion.
  • Hotbed of Fire — The Hero unleashes his fury over a wide area in a burning flame that deals damage over time.
  • Flame of Destruction – Ignius summons a powerful fireball and hurls it to the ground, knocking enemies to the ground. Together with a combo with Flames of Calamity, the skill will increase the size of the fireball and deal damage over a larger area.
  • Sage’s Flame – Defends with elemental resistance, increasing his water and fire elemental strength.

Ignius will be coming to Black Desert Mobile with the next major update.

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