The Northgard Viking strategy has been released on iOS, we sharpen axes and go into battle

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The publisher Playdigious has released the Northgard strategy on iOS smartphones. This is a cool theme for those who are tired of the typical shareware “mobile strategy” (yes, I’m talking about you, The Walking Dead: Survivors). We have to build a settlement, while we need to choose one of the clans. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages: some are better at trading, while others are engaged in sacrifice in order to gain strength. The Vikings are divided into classes: laborers, sailors, wise men, and so on.

The constant danger is not only mythical creatures and other clans, but also a cold piercing to the bone. Because of this, you will have to spend resources wisely. Players gradually increase their holdings. There are several ways to win: wisdom, trade, fame, and so on. It is a pity that you cannot, as in Civilization VI, deliver a warm and friendly nuclear strike.

Northgard is already available on iOS, as well as other major platforms (not counting next-gen consoles). On Android we are waiting for the release by the end of 2021. There is a Russian localization.

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