The number of concurrent players in MMORPG Mir4 has exceeded 800,000

WeMade has announced a new record set by the global MMORPG MIR4. According to her, now the number of concurrent users in the game exceeds 800,000. For the company, this number is important, since she saw such figures only in 2005, at the time of the release of MMORPG Legend of Mir 2 for China and Korea.

Now the international version of MIR4 has 136 servers: 64 Asian, 6 Indian, 13 European, 21 South American and 32 North American servers, and at the start there were only 11. The game itself is available in more than 170 countries and 12 languages.

MIR4 was first released in South Korea in November 2020 and has become the most downloaded game in the country. The global version is distinguished by the presence of blockchain technology. Digital assets can be converted to NFT or FT for buying, selling or exchanging for profit.

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