The original version of the MMORPG Legends of Aria will be removed from Steam

Following the announcement of the NFT version of the MMORPG Legends of Aria, the developers announced that the original game would continue under the name Legends of Aria Classic. The plans have not changed yet, and all users who are not happy with the advent of the blockchain will be able to stay on the classic servers. However, they will have to play through the client downloaded from the official site, since the game will disappear from Steam at the end of June.

“Hi all! In preparation for the upcoming relaunch, we are consolidating the Legends of Aria Classic service, which includes removing it from Steam (later this month). For those of you who still have access to the game via Steam, we’ll provide details shortly on how you can access your account using the client. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your support! Thanks!!!” Reaper Games founder Joseph Rubin said.

The Legends of Aria blockchain CBT will begin in June, and the OBT will begin in July. A full release is expected in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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