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The Overprime is replenished with a funny animal Mako

Netmarble announced the release of an update for MOBA Paragon: The Overprime, which included a new unique character. The new hero is nicknamed Mako and looks like a squirrel rolling on a ball-shaped rock. Let’s take a closer look at his skills:

  • Basic attack “Ta-da”. Mako throws out a small gem that deals damage with a small chance to explode on impact.
  • Maco Sparkle skill. The hero throws a stone into the air, which explodes after a short time and deals area damage with its fragments, knocking back enemies. By the way, the stone can be detonated on its own by clicking on the skill again.
  • The Maco Gift skill allows you to throw a healing and movement boost stone. If three allies are in the area of ​​effect, the effect is doubled. When hit by a stone on an enemy, he will receive magic damage and a healing debuff.
  • The “Maco Fly” skill allows the hero to jump in the desired direction. While jumping directly at the enemy, deals magic damage and applies a slow. Mako also gains a temporary shield upon a successful skill attack.
  • Ultimate ability “Maco Strike”. Mako gathers all his power and rushes forward on a stone, attacking enemies. At the end point, the stone explodes, dealing additional magic damage in an area. By the way, in the same area, Mako himself and his allies receive bonus healing.

In addition, along with the update, a lot of work has been done on the rebalancing of characters and items, which you can read about in the official patch notes.

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