The peak online in the beta version of New World has reached 190 thousand people

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The MMORPG New World closed beta was recently launched, and many players rushed to try out the long-awaited novelty. There were a lot of people willing – according to information from the site, the maximum peak was 190,811 people, which is an excellent result for the beta version. By the way, the number of viewers of streams on Twitch exceeded 700 thousand people.

However, such a large-scale launch was not without problems. Due to the large number of people wishing to enter the game, queues reached several hours on the most popular servers. Even those who managed to break through were waiting for disconnects, because of which they had to stand in line again.

We also decided to play the beta version of New World and faced the same problems. The streamer 4efy played for 10 minutes, after which all the players were kicked out of the servers and he had to wait an hour on the air, being in a queue. Unfortunately, the waiting was interrupted by an error, so it was decided to go to the American server, resigned to the high ping – there were no problems with queues.

The recording of our broadcast is below. The gameplay starts with a timecode of 1:27:47.

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