The premiere of the anime adaptation of MMORPG Seven Knights: Revolution

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The mobile MMORPG Seven Knights: Revolution, which will be released this year, has received its own anime adaptation called “Seven Knights of Revolution: Successor to a Hero.” In honour of this, the final trailer was released with footage from work, where you can hear the song Freeze performed by the Japanese rock band Flumpool.

According to the anime synopsis, earlier in the world of Seven Knights: Revolution, some heroes fought Destruction’s forces. However, now they have remained only in history, and the fate of the world was entrusted to boys and girls, called “successors”. Faria of the Seven Knights rescues a boy named Nemo during a battle with the Army of Destruction. Nemo awakens the hero’s strength without even knowing it and becomes the successor.

The anime adaptation of Seven Knights: Revolution is a collaborative effort between LINDENFILMS and Domerica. The director is Kazuya Ichikawa, and the music composer is Yoshiaki Fujisawa.

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