The release date of Godzilla Battle Line on smartphones has become known, huge lizards are close

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Godzilla Battle Line is an arcade game for smartphones that will be released worldwide in June. Here we place huge lizards across the field and watch them fight. At the same time, Godzilla for some reason stands still and waits until they fly up to her. The soundtrack is a little annoying and if you turn it on at full volume at home, no one will pat on the head. In addition to lizards of different stripes, you can use tanks, helicopters and even rockets. All this consumes energy, which is gradually replenished.

Local cities are made in the style of “Google Maps”: there seems to be nothing in the distance (by the standards of arcade mobile phones), and when approaching, stretched textures and square buildings begin. For the brave, there are ranked matches; the bottom line is that whoever first takes down the health of the enemy Godzilla won. A project for the tough amateur.

Godzilla Battle Line will release on iOS and Android on June 15th. It will be a shareware project with ads and microtransactions. On iOS, you can pre-register via TapTap

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