In December, we announced that publisher FuRyu would release a remaster of the RPG The Alliance Alive. The game was originally released on Nintendo 3DS four years ago. The developers promise “innovative gameplay” with colourful visuals and a classic story. We control a group of heroes who explore the fantasy world and engage in turn-based battles. Over time, we will open new vehicles.

The plot is as follows – demons from another world have worked for humanity while dividing the land into several regions. As a result, a bunch of heroes decided to fight back the demons and free people. We will have to forge alliances and fight shoulder to shoulder with the meagre forces of the Resistance. This will allow you to summon allies in difficult situations.

The Alliance Alive HD Remastered will be released on February 1st for iOS and Android. It will be available in Japan. There is no information about the global version. Pre-orders are now available with a 32% discount.

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