The release date of Runescape Mobile has become known, when to wait and who needs it?

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Publisher Jagex, which brought the old-school RuneScape to the mobile world, is gearing up to release an improved RuneScape Mobile. The plot is banal: clouds are gathering, evil is coming. This is an MMORPG where you can play with friends or alone. Expect a lot of auto-features, because the developers say in plain text, “This is the best AFK game.” This means that the project will not differ from other mobile MMOs and will definitely not go to fans of Asian games (hello Blade & Soul Revolution).

Players can choose their path: warrior or mage, cook or farmer. RuneScape Mobile will be cross-play with PC. Local NPCs differ in character: with someone you can calmly talk, and someone will become a sworn enemy.

RuneScape will launch on iOS and Android on June 17th, according to the App Store. It will be a shareware project with microtransactions. Age rating – 16+. There will be no Russian localization. Pre-registration is available; the more people participate, the greater the reward. This includes: hair, pet, animations, sword and armor, as well as an increase in experience for seven days.

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