The release date of the 1.6 patch for Genshin Impact has become known, what will they add and what does Klee have to do with it?

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So, miHoYo announced the imminent launch of the next patch for Genshin Impact. As June marks the start of the summer season, Adventurers will be heading to a new archipelago. There they will participate in the Midsummer Island Adventure event; boat races as well as other trials at sea and land are to be expected. Plus the outfit rumors were true: there are two summer outfits for Genie and Barbara. Also, players will be able to knock out a new character, his name is Kazuha. This is a 5-star swordsman who helps the squad to manage the course of the battle and acts as an additional. support.

If you love story quests, miHoYo has heard you: in patch 1.6, a new Archon quest will be added with tips on how to get to Inazuma. It is one of the seven kingdoms of Teiwata; saythat it is inspired by Japan. The locals are not particularly fond of those who have the Eye of God.

In general, we have to help Kli, who received a letter from Dodokorol with a threat that he would take Dodoko away from her. We will travel by sea on the Wave Walker. The release of patch 1.6 for Genshin Impact will take place on June 9, 2021.

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