The release date of the global version of MMORPG MIR4 has become known, we are preparing to become cryptominers

MIR4 is another mobile MMORPG from South Korea. Our regular readers know that the closed beta test was recently held for her in English, as well as the blockchain technology will be brought to the global version, which will help to spend time “usefully”. Well, if the loot dropped from the bosses is so dear to you, then get ready to share with other gamers, because they can calmly come up and steal it. Also, individual regions will be secret, where players will learn more about the history of the local world.

Another feature of MIR4 is its extensive customization system. Since this is an MMO, the social aspects will revolve around the guilds. In South Korea, if you believe PocketGamerMIR4 is generally considered the most downloaded game.

The global version of MIR4 will be released on August 26th for iOS and Android. Pre-registration is now available for both platforms. Note that Russian localization is not indicated in the App Store, although the publisher promises 12 languages, including Russian. In this case, the project will be F2P.

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