The release date of the major update “The Power of Esdo” for Lost Ark has been announced

The release date of the major update The Power of Resident Evil 7 - How to complete Mia's videotape episode?

My.Games has posted the details of the next major update for Lost Ark with a release date. The patch will hit the servers on April 20th and will add new weapons, raids, adventures, and equipment.

The heroic raid on Avrelsud will allow you to test yourself on the already known boss, but with increased difficulty. The rewards for it will be a new pet, a head ornament, as well as new jewelry and items to create a new type of equipment.

The new type of equipment “Ancient Type” will require an item level of 1540 to create and will offer fresh stats with unique effects, as well as tempering up to level 25. Jewelry and bracelets of the corresponding type can be obtained for completing dungeons and participating in guild events on the captured islands. In addition, a unique weapon for each class called “Esdo Weapon” will be released and in order to get it you will need to visit Vakhantur.

Among other innovations, there will be a raid on the Guardian of Hanumthan, as well as additional stages of Halls of Chaos, Towers and the Path of Trials. For convenience, a single window for entering any dungeons will finally be added. Players are also waiting for changes in the characteristics and skills of classes, a new format of the reserve in the estate, the addition of the function of simultaneous use of treasure maps by several members of the group, the choice of characters for obtaining gold, the start of the 5th PvP season, and much more.

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