The release date of the space MMORPG-sandbox Dual Universe has been announced

Space MMORPG with sandbox elements Dual Universe has got an exact release date. The game will be released on September 27, 2022 and will be distributed via the Pay-to-Play model. Along with this, the novelty will be available on Steam.

Dual Universe is currently in closed beta testing, access to which is by subscription. This stage will end on September 22, and all active players will receive 6 additional days of play as compensation for server downtime. In addition, those who have ever subscribed will receive 2 weeks. Recall that earlier the developers confirmed the wipe after the end of the test.

“Dual Universe has been in development for eight years, with the last two years in beta. Our team has created industry-leading voxel technology that allows players to build amazing single-segment MMO worlds like no other. We’ve moved forward adding systems such as asteroid and territory mining, missions, new PvP mechanics and combat objectives, as well as crafting systems such as the Vertex Precision Tool, a new Lua API, and an exchange where our players can submit their work. “- said the developers.

The launch of Dual Universe will be accompanied by a major update that will improve the planets and add new biomes designed to make the world more vibrant and alive.

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