The release of Stickman Revenge 4: Epic War has taken place, the developers will know everything about you

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Stickman Revenge 4: Epic War is a mobile slasher that has decided to jump over the achievements of the previous games. This is good and bad. Let’s start with the good: gamers note that the project does not get bored as quickly as the second and third Stickman Revenge. This is all on a positive front. Now on to the negative: some enemies are difficult to dodge, and they do a lot of damage. There are not so many characters, some bosses can cause the “twitching eye” effect.

Further no better: if you are worried about the personal information that you enter in the App Store and Google Play, then Stickman Revenge 4 has broken all records. The game collects your location and even contact information. Why do developers need your physical address? They will probably say that this is for “personalized advertising.”

Stickman Revenge 4: Epic War is already available on iOS and Android. Apparently, the release on the second platform took place a little earlier. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions up to 4 199 rubles per item

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