The release of the shooter CrossFireX could be a real fiasco

Yesterday was the release of CrossFireX on the Microsoft console. If you have been waiting for it for a long time, then it is better to quickly change your mind.

CrossFireX is a shooter from the SmileGate studio that has been postponed several times. The release came out in a small lump, at least according to IGN magazine representatives. author TieGuyTravis said that after 6 hours of playing the game, he was at a loss as to how it could be allowed before release.

The problems of the release version of CrossFireX lie in the “wrong” decisions on the part of the game design, there are also performance problems. Travis did not say which platform he played on – Xbox One or Xbox Series X. Interestingly, Remedy Entertainment, famous for Control and Alan Wake, is among the developers.

On a dedicated Reddit page, players have already taken up torches and pitchforks, blaming CrossFireX for the lack of content and low quality of the release product. By the way, the developers responded to indignation and promised to release an update in March that would fix these errors.

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