The release of the shooter Ultimate BattleStrike Game

The Ultimate BattleStrike Game has been released on smartphones. It has an interesting campaign, and in the future, multiplayer is promised.

Ultimate BattleStrike Game is a mobile shooter that came to Android. The game weighs only 75MB, although we only get story missions for that. The main menu has a lot of limited offers, this concerns skins, diamonds and gold. In the future, the developers promise multiplayer and zombie mode.

As for the plot, it is represented in the Ultimate BattleStrike Game in six chapters. Before starting the mission, you need to select the following type of weapon: an assault rifle, a special rifle (premium), a sniper and a machine gun. A full body kit consists of a main weapon, a secondary weapon (pistols), a grenade and a first aid kit.

For smartphones, the graphics are tolerable, although they cannot even be compared with the old Modern Combat 5. In Ultimate BattleStrike Game there are cinematics on the game engine, and the gameplay is from the first person. Already in the first mission, we are offered to enable or disable auto-shooting. In fact, this is a shooting range, where enemies crawl out from different sides, but they don’t hide much and crouch as much as possible.

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