The release of the strategy Acid Rain World: Gray Dawn

Acid Rain World: Gray Dawn has been released worldwide. This is a geo-strategy for smartphones.

As promised by Foonie Magus, Acid Rain World: Gray Dawn launched on iOS and Android on June 30th; it is available even in Russia, although the gameplay is unlikely to surprise. You see, at the start you watch your stronghold being attacked by enemy troops, all this happens in 60 FPS, but with animations from the 2000s. But this is just a screen saver, but the fight itself takes place in a small arena in auto mode; both ordinary soldiers with futuristic costumes and huge mechs participate on each side.

The plot in Acid Rain World: Gray Dawn is divided into chapters, and the story is fed through the inscriptions on the loading menu and text dialogs, only nothing is voiced, so it remains to get to work – as one orc from Warcraft III said – and build a new base. Of course, your luck depends on the total strength of the squad and VIP status. Of course, the construction of new buildings and the formation of troops takes time, which can be accelerated with the help of premium perks.

Of the advantages of Acid Rain World, I note a pleasant soundtrack, reeking of melancholy notes of post-apocalypse. You have to form fragile alliances, where everyone wants to crush the best economic zones of the rest of the world.

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