The release of Touchgrind Scooter on iOS took place: we take a scooter and do tricks on rails

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Touchgrind Scooter is a new part of the Touchgrind sports games series. The trick is that instead of Tony Hawk in the lead role, our fingers, and instead of a skateboard or roller skates, there are scooters. The graphics are tolerable for smartphones, but it’s better not to look at the leaves of the trees. The gameplay is divided into trials during which we perform various stunts and tasks. Better to learn the “hardware” before installing, because the game uses slang. Failing the first tests will not work, but inadvertently you can enter the barrier; then you have to start the level again.

Youth music sounds in the background, probably the original soundtrack without the involvement of The Offspring or other punks. In addition to single races, there is a “Duel” mode. Trophies are scattered on the levels, there is a synchronization of progress between devices.

Touchgrind Scooter is already available on iOS. This is a shareware project with microtransactions. There is a Russian localization. IOS version coming “soon” if you believe official site

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