The Division 2’s multiplayer third-person shooter has kicked off the Resident Evil series’s previously announced 25th-anniversary event. It will last until February 15, and players who have reached level 40 and completed the Warlords of New York campaign will be able to participate.

If you log into the game during the event, you will receive as a gift three pieces of Leon Kennedy’s equipment – the Raccoon City Police uniform. You can also unlock four new outfits: Chris Redfield Outfit (STARS), Umbrella Agent Outfit, Rebecca Chambers Outfit (STARS), and Jill Valentine Outfit (STARS). The keys to the event clothing containers are given for every 4th level of the Special Squad or when purchased with premium credits.

Besides, by completing weekly tasks, you will have the opportunity to get 2 shirts, 7 trophies for a backpack, 4 patches and 5 weapon paints, and the reward for completing the full completion will be the Nemesis mask.

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