The results of the drawing of 20 sets of “Midnight Guest” for MMORPG Lost Ark

We have summed up the results of the drawing of 20 Midnight Guest sets for MMORPG Lost Ark. A great and terrible random selected 20 winners who will receive promotional codes for a special set, including a skin for a character, a skin for a weapon and a pet.

The list of lucky ones is as follows:

  1. Dizbat
  2. Leonspace
  3. cableman
  4. Maniaxe
  5. Vedimochka
  6. IgorStar
  7. Kimhyun
  8. Eriex
  9. Karifal
  10. SaGal
  11. Stimi
  12. root
  13. CremeBrulee
  14. Zapadlostr31
  15. Freyka43
  16. HateCrow88
  17. gly93
  18. arpecuz
  19. Julise
  20. Spiteful

Promotional codes will be sent to the winners via private messages. They must be activated on a special page.


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