The Revenge of the Lords Update for Lost Ark Adds the South Bern Region and New Raids

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While the western version of MMORPG Lost Ark is being tested by players in Europe and North America, the publishers of the Russian version continue to add content. Along with the release of the next update called “Revenge of the Masters”, which will take place on June 23, the location of South Bern will appear in the game.

In the new territory, players will meet new characters, travel to various beautiful places and learn the details of the Second Invasion. There you can also find the Chaos Rift, which opens several times a week.

A new stele with raids on the Lords of Fetrania will appear in large cities. If your equipment rating has reached 1415, then you can fight Voldan. New challenges are promised on page 6 of the Guardian Raids, where you will meet with Descaluda.

In addition, new catalysts will be introduced to the game, making it easier to upgrade equipment to the equipment level of 1050. They will add a new way of hardening equipment and rewards for collections. Call Vakhantur will be launched. The publishers will tell more details about the update later.

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