The second chapter of Spellbreak has a mode with capturing points

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Spellbreak is no longer a Battle Royale game. Back in the prologue, the developers added a standard Deathmatch with battles in the “9 vs 9” format. Now, along with the beginning of the second chapter, the Dominion mode has appeared in the game.

Dominion is a 5v5 battle mode in which players compete to capture points. In total, there are three objects on the map, and the more they are under the control of the team, the faster it accumulates points. There are currently four maps available: Halcyon, Hymnwood, Bogmore, and Dustpool.

The Chapter 2 update also added a Ranked Mode to the game, which allows you to progress up the rank by participating in matches. Players can go through six leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Legendary. In addition, numerous balance and gameplay tweaks have been made to Battle Royale, including the ability to revive fallen allies.

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