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The shooter Caliber now has the ability to play with a first-person view

The multiplayer shooter Caliber received update 0.17.0 with many new features. Chief among them was the ability to play in first-person as part of the New Perspective event, which will last until September 14th.

In Showdown: First Person, 1st person view will be set for all players and cannot be changed. However, in all other modes, players will be able to change the camera view at will. It is worth noting that this format (with a camera from the 1st person) of the game is temporary, but according to the developers, some of its features will remain after the event.

In addition to the new format, Caliber has a system to counter multiple crouching, numerous bugs have been fixed, the sights for all additional weapons have changed, except for the HD66 Medic Yaovan, a new animation for climbing/falling off surfaces when sprinting has been added, the “behavior” of drones has been adjusted, and much more.

Калибр. Обновление 0.17.0

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