the shooter received an update with a major improvement in visual effects

The multiplayer shooter Squad received a fresh patch 2.12 with many improvements. The main ones were new visual effects and gameplay changes.

New high quality visual effects, according to the developers, make the game look better in every way. For example, dynamic shadows have been reworked, and standard and far shadows have been replaced with optimized cascading ones.

The new system is ten times better than the previous Far Shadows, and in addition, it makes it impossible to have a significant competitive advantage at low graphics settings. The authors also redid the lighting, improved color reproduction, updated the graphics settings menu and added the visibility of muzzle flashes, which makes enemy positioning easier to determine.

In terms of gameplay changes, update 2.12 has affected the speed of capturing points, which now depends on the number of players, the “Buddy Boost” function has become easier, and the recovery of stamina while climbing or jumping has been canceled.

Of course, these were not all patch updates. You can find the full patch note here.

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