The Sims 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

picture 5 9 The Sims 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Think you know absolutely everything about your favorite Sims 3? What if there is something that you have not noticed all the time? We suggest checking this out.

Perhaps one of the main sources of fun in The Sims 3 is situations when something completely unexpected happens. For example, when some aunt Matilda appears at a wedding in a bathing suit, as if no one had taught her manners or decency.

However, the developers of the game – and we must pay tribute to their sense of humor, ingenuity and attention to detail – are not averse to giving players an extra reason to have fun. The game has a lot of different easter eggs, surprises and non-obvious features that become more interesting to play with, you just need to know about their existence. Here are 13 fun facts about The Sims 3 that might have escaped your notice.

Interesting facts about Sims 3

  1. Toy bear cubs can be placed in cribs in buy mode.
  2. Pregnant Sims who eat apples or apple dishes are more likely to have boys. If the Sim eats watermelons, then there is a high probability of having a girl.
  3. A Sim can determine a baby’s gender before it’s born if they’ve reached at least level five in the Medical Career. You can find out the gender in the menu Friendly interactions.
  4. By clicking on the light sources, you can change their color and brightness.
  5. Sims can age at any time, not just at the end of their age period. Buy a birthday cake and give it to the Sim you want to age to blow out the candles.
  6. Child Sims can fish in the pools.
  7. Kind Sims can donate money to charity. To do this, select a good Sim and click on the mailbox.
  8. When rock stars show up in public, the people around them will either cheer or hoot in disapproval.
  9. Sims with handy arms can plug in speakers so that the music on the radio can be heard throughout the house.
  10. Sims who choose the criminal career cannot be robbed.
  11. If your Sims are experiencing Disgust, take a closer look at the room in which they are located – the reason is somewhere nearby. It could be dirty dishes, stale food, trash, or wet floors.
  12. Ghost Sims can have normal children or ghost children. In order for a ghost child to be born, both parents do not have to be ghosts themselves – it is enough that at least one of them is a ghost.
  13. You can end a Sim’s life and turn them into a ghost. The cause of death can be fire, drowning, electric shock, starvation or old age. However, if your Sim is a vegetarian, then death from old age will take longer than usual.

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