The Sinking City – Skills

image7 29 The Sinking City - Skills

How to get XP?

The best way to earn a large amount of experience points is to complete the main and side tasks. You can get over 1000XP for completing a single investigation.

image2 56 The Sinking City - Skills

Another good method is to kill monsters. The number of points you get depends, of course, on the type of monster. The bigger and stronger the creature, the more experience you can get.

The game does not encourage killing living opponents, even if they were hostile to Reed. Of course, you can get XP to complete the relevant part of the investigation.

image3 53 The Sinking City - Skills

The next path is also related to monsters. We are talking about areas dominated by monsters (Infested areas). You will only receive XP for finding each such area, and also for each monster killed there.

image4 46 The Sinking City - Skills

While exploring infected areas, you can also look for rare artifacts. The game will give you enough experience points for adding each such item to your collection.

image5 38 The Sinking City - Skills

The other method is to investigate the location 100 percent. We are talking about places visited when solving cases and marked with a magnifying glass icon on the map. You should find all interactive traces and analyze them if possible. A complete search for a specific location can result in even hundreds of experience points.

How to get knowledge points?

image6 31 The Sinking City - Skills

Knowledge/Skill Points are awarded every time you accumulate enough XP and get a higher level of experience. All skills cost 1 knowledge point. Unfortunately, you cannot buy all skills at once. Subsequent skills from the branch require you to first unlock the skills that come before them.

Best skills to start

The list below lists the skills that we think are worthy of interest early in the game.

Extra Clip

You can get 7 extra pistol ammo. The ammo limit is very limited and can be easily filled. This skill reduces the importance of the problem.

Field Medic

You can get one set of first aid kit and sedative. You’ll need an especially large stock of medkits, because using one medkit doesn’t necessarily restore all of the hero’s health.

Deep pockets

You can carry 6 extra revolver ammo. The game allows you to “store” even less ammunition, unlike a pistol. The increased limit will help you a lot.

Unnatural Recovery

You can get stabbed when you are on the verge of death. This is a very useful ability that will restore the strength of the hero, given that attacks from stronger monsters can weaken him very quickly.

Abnormal Endurance

The hero’s life force is increased. If necessary, acquire another skill from this tree – Inhale Endurance. Both bonuses will increase your chances of survival.

Smart Packing

You can carry 25 pieces of any type of crafting material. As with ammo, it’s easy to fill a hero’s pockets with crafting materials, but you won’t be able to collect loot anymore. This ability solves that problem.

Absolute Clarity

Both bonuses are useful, but especially the bonus to experience points will allow you to advance faster. We also advise you to acquire two more skills from this branch – Detective Analysis and Deductive Method. You can earn 15% more experience.

No Charity

Increases by 50% the chance of receiving double rewards after completing the case. If you additionally unlock the Silver Tongue ability, this bonus will be guaranteed. This skill is worth looking into, as the rewards for completing quests can be, for example, ammunition, traps, or first aid kits.


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