The Sole Light puzzle only came out on one platform

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Sole Light was released on smartphones, although the developers forgot about one version.

Sole Light is a mobile puzzle game launched on iOS. The link to Google Play does not work now, although before that the developers tested their project there. On official website The Android version is also not mentioned. By its idea, the game resembles Monument Valley. In fact, we need to solve puzzles and get to the girl who helps or just waits for us to get to her.

Sole Light is a premium project, it will cost 279 rubles. The developers promise a relaxing and addictive gameplay, thoughtful mechanics, different levels of difficulty and simple controls. There is no plot as such, but we are asked to look for a deep meaning. Gradually, players will have clones that can also be controlled.

Sole Light is ideal for those who love match 3 games and puzzles. Calm music plays in the background, and after passing the levels, various motivating quotes appear.

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