The top game from Netflix in December is based on the show “Test of Seduction”

The reality show “Test of Seduction” tells about the dates of young people. That is, it can be considered an alternative to “House 2”. So, Netflix decided to create based on Too Hot To Handle (English title) mobile game. Like Reigns: Three Kingdoms, it will be available on a subscription basis.

So far, we know that Too Hot To Handle will be released in December, and it will be an interactive game with romance, dates, and maybe something else; It will be interesting to look at the age rating.

In addition, Netflix will release several more mobile games, one of them is Scriptic: Crime Stories. This is a popular genre of detective investigations, where the player acts as a detective who checks the victim’s phone, correspondence, surveillance cameras, and so on. Note that the App Store and Google Play already have an F2P version of Scriptic: Crime Stories.

The third game is called Puzzle Gods, is a hyper-arcade game in the “match 3” genre. It is expected that the project will touch on mythical themes and will also be a “premium” reworking of an existing game. Well, the final project is the Klondike solitaire.

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