The Unseen Benefits Of Playing FIFA

pexels photo 1174746 The Unseen Benefits Of Playing FIFA

Most people load up FIFA just to simply unwind or have some fun with their friends. But as with most things, there are also other, unseen things going on under the surface while you’re playing, too. Studies have shown that most video games can have an impact that goes beyond the simple enjoyment factor. And just as strategic games help to develop critical thinking skills, so too does FIFA provide a selection of unintended but valuable benefits. In this blog, we’ll run through some of the skills you may be adding to your repertoire when you play the world’s best-selling football game.

Better On the Pitch

Now don’t get us wrong: FIFA will not improve your physical football skills in any direct game because the virtual and “real-world” versions of football require a completely different set of skills. However, it can help you in an indirect way. FIFA players learn how to take advantage of space, the link-up play that’ll take them around the opposition, and where to put the ball to give themselves the best chance of scoring a goal. All of those things are equally as valid in real football.

Putting Your Tactical Understanding To Good Use

You won’t master FIFA career mode if you don’t have at least some understanding of the tactical side of the game. And that’s something that you can apply to “real” football, too. If you understand football tactics, then, first and foremost, you’ll enjoy watching football matches on a deeper level than most people. You can test the development of your tactical nous by analyzing how teams set up and then using Unibet to back a team to win a match or selecting a specific player to score, based on your insight. If you get it right, then you’ll know that you’re developing this skill, and it’ll be thanks, in part at least, to the time you’ve spent honing your skills on FIFA.

Discovering New Talent

There’s something oh-so-enjoyable about discovering a hot new talent in FIFA, especially if that youngster goes on to become a club legend throughout their career with your club. And here’s the thing: that wunderkind will probably become a notable player in the real world of football, too. FIFA’s developers don’t just make up stats: they conduct plenty of research to make sure that players, even young ones, have the correct ranking in the game. There’s something highly satisfying about seeing a player who you discovered years ago in FIFA go on to become a star in one of Europe’s top divisions.

pexels photo The Unseen Benefits Of Playing FIFA

Leadership Skills

We won’t go as far as to say that good man-management skills in FIFA will mean you’ll be a leader in the office. However, through the course of playing FIFA, especially in career mode, you’ll learn the art of putting together teams, utilizing skills, handling setbacks, and developing working relationships between various players. All of these skills are welcome in the workplace. Who knows, just by playing FIFA, you could inadvertently be nudging your real-world career in the right direction.

It Can Reduce Anxiety

Finally, one of the most notable benefits of playing FIFA actually has nothing to do with football whatsoever. Studies have shown playing FIFA can help alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Leeds found that players typically have less anxiety after they’ve finished playing football compared with beforehand. So if you’re looking for a fun way to reduce anxiety, then FIFA could be it — just note that anxiety levels have also been shown to rise while playing, as anyone who has to experience an annoying cutback goal in the final minute of the game will know.

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