The Valley of Blooming Ponds at ArcheAge is overrun with frogs

The Russian version of MMORPG ArcheAge has started the Summer Festival event. It will last until August 12, and all characters who have reached level 30 can take part. Special portals are available in Marianhold, Ost Terre, and the Shimmering Coast that take players to the Valley of Blossoming Ponds.

Quests during the event will be by no means combat. Nanny Mary-ri will instruct you to look after the frog and prepare it for life. It is necessary to rock him in a mechanical cradle, take the cradle to a giant leaf in a pond and create comfortable conditions for the baby there: play with him, read fairy tales, teach cooking and put him to bed.

The Chelt-rar mechanic is going to build a large mechanical cradle for a hundred frogs, but for that he will need the materials that you have to collect. Hashim Neumeha will ask you to find the family blood. Completing the event quests will earn you Summer Festival Tokens that can be exchanged for rewards.

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