The Virtus Pro team lost the first match with the young stars in the squad

The Virtus Pro team lost the first match with the A full wipe and a lot of new content has arrived in Escape from Tarkov with a new patch

The VP five lost their first match with the new roster, without confirming their status as one of the best Russian teams in Dota 2. This result was an unpleasant surprise for the fans of “bears”, but it is quite natural. If you analyze the situation more carefully, you can easily identify the reasons for the defeat.

Map 1: Poor hero pick, lack of intelligible offensive actions, and inconsistent item procurement

After finishing the draft, it became clear that VP’s chances of winning are relatively small – only 25%. At the same time, the “bears” simply chose the characters according to the planned scheme, so the opponents knew in advance the position of Magnus, which made it possible to successfully close him on the lane. Such a step fully justified itself, although the VP players themselves are to blame, because they revealed their cards early. As a result, the DM, playing in third position, seemed to be absent from the map, since he could not even stand calmly on the line. Consequently, other team members also did not show much initiative in trying to save more money.

Of course, it is theoretically possible to act on counterattacks, but the “bears” made too many minor oversights. In particular, they accepted fights in a numerical minority, did not have time to use the teleport and focused on individual skill. In such situations, qualified opponents, namely those who play in the 1st division, are simply obliged to catch the heroes one at a time, realizing their territorial and financial advantage. VP’s opponents quickly solved a relatively simple problem, getting the necessary handicap at the start of the fight.

The second map: a fast pace and a bet on the attack is the key to success

Having lost the right to make a mistake in the series, the “VP” players reacted more responsibly to the choice of heroes on the second map. First of all, Qopa fell into the hands of Gpk, thanks to which the team leader was able to break into the free zones in time and find good moments for an attack. By the way, the final statistics of Daniil Skutin – 15 kills and 1 death, indicates that the player was as effective as possible. Nobody was able to stop the young master playing the 2nd position, so the “bears” equalized the score in the match without spending a lot of time and effort. It would seem that an additional charge of positive emotions would help VP destroy opponents, but the scenario of the decisive map turned out to be very unpredictable.

Third card: start on courage, and at the end sadness

On the last map, the “VP” players came out confident in their own abilities. His teammates were taken forward by Gpk, who killed an opponent in the center line after 2 minutes. Such moments happen extremely rarely, since not all players are able to win a face-to-face 1v1 duel with a minimum level of pumping. Therefore, you need to really try so that the starting advantage in the center does not become decisive.

The “VP” players themselves made a number of critical mistakes, playing disgustingly during the time period from 6 to 15 minutes. First, the basic abilities were not used quite correctly, when the opponents survived with a minimum reserve of health. Secondly, the protection of important buildings was simply absent. The most revealing episode is the return of the first line of towers without a fight. With Timber alive, such laxity is unacceptable, since donating territory in your half of the map, depriving you of the opportunity to earn additional resources, is an action comparable to voluntary surrender.

However, despite all the strategic miscalculations, “bears” are still one of the favorites of the current DPC season, and flexible Dota 2 tournament schedule so far allows the Russian team to hope for overall success based on the selection results. Moreover, at the start of the tournament, no one demonstrates a stable level of play in the CIS. The team “Spirit” can be taken out of the brackets, since the reigning world champions are a kind of standard.

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