The Walking Dead: Survivors strategy came out on smartphones, who expected it?

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Galaxy Play studio has released the mobile strategy game The Walking Dead: Survivors. According to Google Play, more than 1 million users managed to download it. But is the game worth it? Let’s figure it out. Players will have to build bases, fend off zombies and collect rare characters. To get new resources, you need to search the surroundings, teeming with the dead. Players will see their favourite characters. Alliances can be formed with other survivors.

Cool zombies will constantly attack the players, and you need to build strong walls against them. In addition to the dead, we must deal with threats from NPC people. As a result, we get a typical strategy for smartphones in the setting of “The Walking Dead”. Some complaint about the audio that overtakes the text. The developers added six Legendary Survivors and “optimized” rewards from local loot boxes in the latest update.

The Walking Dead: Survivors is already available on iOS and Android.

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