The western version of the MMORPG Elyon will be released in October and will be free

The western version of the MMORPG Elyon has yet to come out, but Kakao Games has already announced a business model change. The game will lose the $ 30 price tag and will be distributed free of charge. Users who have already pre-ordered will receive 2,000 rubies as compensation in addition to the contents of the packs. If you wish, you can request a refund through the support team.

According to the publishers, the model change is necessary to increase the audience of the game, and not to introduce a Pay-to-Win mechanic. The content of the in-game store is promised not to be changed. The Founder’s Packs will remain available with minor changes. They now include more rubies, and all customers get 72 hours of early access.

Along with the change in distribution model, the release date of Elyon was postponed. The western version will not be released on September 28, as previously reported, but only on October 20. The studio will take additional time to tune the new model and server systems, as well as fix bugs and make changes based on feedback from beta testers.

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