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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine – Cat School Grandmaster Armor

With the help of the Cat School armor, Geralt will be the most cunning and fastest. In the basic version of The Witcher 3, we could find and create the equipment of the master, but Blood and Wine offered the final version of the armor.

Before you start searching for armor, you must first contact the gunsmith Zdravko, located in his workshop in Toussaint (#1 on the map). Ask him about the equipment and you will find out about the house of Bartolome de Launa (#2 on the map), where you should start your search.

Required character level (for gear customization): 40

Remember: after finding the schemes, you will need to finish and master the school.

As soon as you reach the place, it turns out that the door from the residence is closed. Go right and find the wooden scaffolding next to the wall. Climb on them and get inside. Watch out because you will encounter a large group of enemies – use the Quen sign and it will be easier for you to fight.

First of all, try to kill the crossbowmen. After the fight, you will start a conversation with the prisoner. You can ask him about the blueprints, but it turns out that he doesn’t know anything about them.

Near one of the dead you will find a message and a key with which you can open the previously closed gate to the villa. To the left of the main entrance, there is a door leading to a small building. Go inside and look at the painting hanging on the wall (picture above). You will find Belinda’s letter and blueprint.

Read the message of Bartholoma’s wife, from which you will learn about the castle of Artach, located to the north-west of the villa (number 3 on the map). Exit the mansion and go in this direction. In the ruins you will meet a large group of bandits.

It is best to provoke them to attack and start retreating behind the ruins. Attack enemies one at a time or when they start to return to their hiding places.

After clearing this place, go up the stairs to the center of the stone structure. Then go to the stone pier, where you will find a chest (photo above). Inside is a military letter. In addition, you will find two items:

  • Grandmaster pants of the School of the Cat
  • Grandmaster’s Shoes of the Cat School Guild

Based on the message in the boss note, you will learn about the Dust Pits – a place south of the ruins (#4 on the map). Go in that direction now. Once you get there, find the entrance to the monster’s cave and go inside. Here you will meet many dangerous plants. If you kill them inside, nothing will happen. However, if they do evolve, avoid their poison and jump up and down when they change shape because they explode after a while.

Schematics for two swords and gloves can be found in a bag in the cave cavity

Try to deal with them individually. Go deep into the cave until you reach a niche where you will find a bunker and a bag of a deceased witcher (photo above). Inside you will find his last note and the last three diagrams:

  • Steel sword of the School of the Cat.
  • Silver sword of the School of the Cat.
  • Cat School Gloves.

After taking all the items, leave the cave and the mission will end. If you want to make grandmaster equipment, return to Zdravko’s workshop (#1 on the map).

Cat School Statistics:

  • Armor (240 armor + immune stats + 22% attack power).
  • Shoes (91 armor + immune stats + 11% attack power).
  • Gloves (87 armor + immune stats + 11% attack power).
  • Pants (91 armor + immune stats + 11% attack power).
  • Silver sword (472-576 damage + various additional statistics).
  • Steel sword (335-409 damage + various additional stats)


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