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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine – Griffin School Grandmaster Armor

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine offers a search for the Witcher armor. We can develop them from basic to master level – of course, after a painstaking search not only for circuits, but also for the raw materials needed to make the elements. The Blood and Wine app allows you to get the final armor of each school.

Required character level (for gear customization): 40

Remember: after finding the schemes, in order to finally compose the armor of the Griffin school in Zdravko, you will need to have a completed and mastered school of masters. You will find them in the base game.

Your goal is to go to the ruins of Ussar Fort in the northeast (#2 on the map). Once you reach the goal, you will face two enemies – flying reptiles next to the dragons. They will take to the air and attack you from above or from the ground.

image1 94 The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Griffin School Grandmaster Armor

If you want to shoot down while flying, you can, for example, use a crossbow. After falling, jump towards them and attack. Aard and Quen signs are also good – thanks to the latter, you can constantly attack them.

Having dealt with opponents, go to the ruins. Find the stairs under which you will find a wooden chest – the Witcher’s senses will help you find it. Inside Captain Augusta’s report and three models of Griffon equipment:

  • Grandmaster’s Shoes from the Griffin Guild
  • Griffin’s Steel Sword
  • Grandmaster’s Gloves from the Griffin Guild

After searching the chest, be sure to read the letter from which you will learn that the witcher with the drawings went to the wizard in Mont Crane Castle. Your next objective to go there is the building to the north (#3 on the map) of your current position.

Along the way you may encounter gargoyles. Use the Igni or Aard sign to kill them. Having reached the ruins, it turns out that they have become a haven for bandits. It is best to lure them one by one in the direction of the entrance and destroy them. After clearing the location, approach the wall on the left (picture above) and interact with it. Thanks to this, you will open a secret passage.

Enter the dungeon and turn right. After a while, a large detachment of enemies will come running. It’s best to go to the main corridor and fight them in an alley where they will have to fight alone. After you have to fight off the attacks of dogs.

After finishing the fight, go down the stairs. You will enter the library. Walk left and go to the wall on the right. If you use the Witcher senses, you will quickly find a small switch to the right of the wall. Move it, thanks to which you will open a secret passage. Go to the next room and find a container on the ground on the left (picture above), where you will find notes about a secret portal.

Return to the previous location and go right. On the last table in the corner you will find crystal stocks (by the way, it is worth looking for other places where there are several valuable recipes). Return to the secret passage behind the wall, insert the crystal in the designated place and go through the portal.

On the other hand, you will immediately be attacked by a golem. It’s quite slow, but it’s still worth dodging attacks, and when it hits the ground, bounce back because it will set off a shockwave. During the duel, use the Quen sign and stun the monster with the Aard sign.

After defeating the golem, go into the room. You will find three items:

  • Trousers of Grandmaster Griffon – on the chair on the left (No. 1 in the photo)
  • Grandmaster Griffon’s Silver Sword – on the table right in front of you (#2 in the picture)
  • Armor of the Grand Master of the Griffon Guild – on the shelf on the right (#3 in the picture)

On the diagram with the sword, you will also find a note. After searching the room, approach the wall on the right where you will find a secret passage. You can jump down to the water and swim near the monster’s habitat north of the castle. If you want to make grandmaster equipment, return to Zdravko’s workshop (#1 on the map).

Griffin School stats:

  • Armor (240 armor + immune stats + 22% character strength).
  • Shoes (91 armor + immune stats + 11% character strength).
  • Gloves (87 armor + immune stats + 11% character strength).
  • Pants (91 armor + immune stats + 11% character strength).
  • Silver sword (472-576 damage + various additional statistics).
  • Steel sword (335-409 damage + various additional stats).


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