The Witcher 3: Leshachikha task – walkthrough and how to kill Leshachikha

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“Leshachikha” is an additional task in The Witcher 3, which is taken from the bulletin board in the village “Undergrowth” and belongs to the section of witcher orders. The note with the order will say about some kind of monster that periodically kills local residents. Further in the guide, you will find the passage of the additional task “Leshachiha” in The Witcher 3, and also learn how to quickly kill the monster.


And so, the first thing you need to talk with the customer – with the headman Bolko.

He will tell about the appearance of Leshachikha, who from time to time kills local residents. She was seen by two people, but one of the witnesses is already dead. We go to the woman who saw the monster. We listen to her story and go to the place of search. We examine the territory and find several clues.

Beside find traces, we go on them and we reach the place of murder. There will be a knife. Now let’s go in the wake of blood and we come to the grave, or rather to the buried corpse. Someone killed the girl and buried the body in the forest.

Back to old age

We return to the village to the headman Volko and we ask about Zulya and Bukay.

It turns out that this couple previously lived in the village. Telling a story:

“Zulya lived in the same village and was in a relationship with Antek. Then another guy fell in love with her – Bukai, who was determined. The jealousy of the hot guy was in full swing and Zulya was very frightened. As a result, the frightened girl decides to run away from the village with her lover Antek. Bukai found out about the escape and on that fateful night he killed Zulya, and buried the corpse in the forest. So the unfortunate girl turned into a midnight woman and began to terrify the locals.

Having found out the details and the place where Zulya was supposed to meet with Antek, we set off. We come to the forest and sit by the firewait for the Leshachikha or the Midnight Woman.

The Witcher 3

How to kill Leshachikha in The Witcher 3

With the onset of night, midnight will appear. This is the mini-boss of the game, which comes across to us at the beginning of the storyline, when we have not yet had time to leave Velen. Tohow to kill Leshachikha:

  1. Use oil against ghosts.
  2. In battle, the Yrden sign will help very well – we beat the ghost inside the circle.
  3. Use the moondust bomb.

When you remove a certain amount of health for Leshachiha, she will create several copies of herself and begin to heal. In this case, we quickly destroy all the ghosts so that she does not have time to replenish the health bar. Also do not forget to use dodge during the battle.

By the way, if you’re playing New Game +, then the Decoction of the night owl will help in the battle – the ghost will not be able to heal.

Having dealt with the monster terrorizing the district, we return back to the headman and get a reward. Congratulations, we have completed the passage of the task “Leshachikha”.

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