The Witcher 3: Now or Never Quest – Election Walkthrough and Consequences

20220825085823 1 The Witcher 3: Now or Never Quest - Election Walkthrough and Consequences

How to start the Now or Never quest

When we complete the secondary quest – “A Favor for Radovid” and get off the ship, a messenger will come up to us and give us a note from Triss. The sorceress needs something, she invites her to an important conversation.

Attention! The task “Now or Never” must be completed before we go to the Skellige Islands, otherwise we will not be able to start a love line with Triss. Plus, all the sorcerers in Novigrad will be executed – we will find out later when completing the additional task “It’s darkest under the lantern.”

So, we are heading to Novigrad to Triss.

The Wither 3

Upon arrival, Gerald will notice the number of guards gathered near her house. Apparently the situation with sorcerers in Novigrad is really serious. We rise to the second floor and we see a picture – the landlords demand an expensive necklace from Triss and drive her out into the street. The Witcher can intervene:

  1. “Hands off, or I’ll cut it off.” In this case, the girl will express dissatisfaction.
  2. Don’t react. Triss will hand over her necklace and will not complain.

The girl doesn’t really want us to intervene in this scandal. Why? Because these people risked their heads so much for hosting a sorceress. Therefore, the additional price in the form of a necklace for huge risks is fair.

The Wither 3

After that, the girl will tell her problem. As you know, in Novigrad there is a total extermination of sorcerers. Triss was able to gather a small group of magicians to leave these parts away from the hunters for sorcerers. But suddenly two sorcerers disappeared – Anissa and Berthold. This is the dilemma – find out (if possible save) where Anissa and Berthold are now and risk the whole evacuation plan, or immediately go to Kingfisher with those who are ready to sail.

What does this choice affect?

  1. If we go looking for Anissa and Bertholdthen we will have the opportunity to sleep with Triss.
  2. If we advise you to go immediately to Kingfisherthen we will not see any love line with the red-haired sorceress.

I recommend choosing the first option.. If you do not want a romantic relationship with a red-haired witch, then at the end just let her know. But, on the other hand, if we go to save Anissa and Berthold, then in Kingfisher we will find a dead innkeeper who fell at the hands of the guards (and all because we lost a lot of time to save two sorcerers). In general, this sacrifice is not so important (believe me, you will not even notice this innkeeper).

Path to port

Leaving the house and fight the temple guards.

The Wither 3

Thereafter running for triss, she will lead us to the house where Anissa and Berthold are hiding. On the street, we are careful, stay close to the sorceress and do not catch the eye of the guards. We will reach their house at the most important moment – the hunters for sorcerers have already come to them. We kill uninvited guests and ask a couple to follow us to the port.

Berthold has lost his mind and is afraid to go outside, claiming that it is dangerous there (he is so right, but you can’t stay here either). Convince him otherwise using the Aard sign.

The Wither 3

Then again follow the red sorceress in Kingfisher. On the spot we will be met by witch hunters. Kill them and watch the cutscene. Triss will find the dead innkeeper and say that he gave his life for the sorcerers.

We go down for the girl to the basement. We will also meet Dijkstra there, it turns out that he is the main sponsor of the escape. Here Gerald definitely did not expect to see him here.

The Wither 3

Everything is clear here, in the past, a Redan spy will never miss an opportunity to take his advantage. Only now we will not be able to find out his motives, we will find out later.


So, Triss will gather all the sorcerers and announce the plan – we get to the port through the sewer tunnels. Gerald will go ahead and check the dungeons for safety.

The Wither 3

Heading into the tunnels. Almost immediately we will meet a couple of swamps (we will deal quickly). Let’s go to a room with a cracked wall. It is impossible to get lost here, we will still stumble upon a stone wall.

The Wither 3

We break it with the Aard sign. We go to the library. In the far left corner we find another same wall – use Aard again.

The Wither 3

Behind the wall we will meet a couple more swamps and go out into a large room with rats. At this point, many players have a problem – rodents kill. There is no way to bypass them, so we stay close to Triss, use the Igni sign and destroy the rats. Remember – there are a lot of them and due to this they cause good damage, so it does not hurt to save before going down.

The Wither 3

We deal with the peddlers of infection and search the premises, collect florens from corpses. Apparently, the rats were attracted just the same dead bodies that were thrown here from above. I think that it is not difficult to guess who it could be, given that Tesak’s residence is located directly above this place.

We pass further and come across another corpse. Gerald will immediately notice that the man died from a bite in the neck.

The Wither 3

A little further we will again stumble upon a bloodless corpse, and after a couple of rooms we will stumble upon the cause of these deaths – a vampire (Katakan). Be sure to apply anti-vampire oil on the sword, and in battle, use the Yrden sign (when the vampire goes invulnerable) and the Moondust bomb. Although, I also used the Quen sign – a useful thing that allows you to take a hit of any power.

The Wither 3

After defeating Katakan we go out to the port and chat with Dijkstra.

The Wither 3

The conversation will be interrupted by the guards, we fight again, kill, and then say goodbye to Triss.

Final Choice

During the farewell to the red-haired sorceress, we will have the opportunity to start a love line. But! Even asking her to stay, she can still go to Kovir. If you want the girl not to sail away, for this it was necessary to perform three important conditions:

  1. Kiss Triss during the quest A Matter of Life and Death.
  2. Go to the aid of Anissa and Berthold (described above).
  3. Confess love in the port.

In the port itself, during the farewell, we will have the following response options:

  1. Farewell, Triss.” In this case, the girl will leave for Kovir along with other sorcerers and no romance.
  2. “Stay with me”. The sorceress will begin to doubt her imminent departure and say that it is quite possible that they could renew their relationship, but not now.

The Wither 3

If you chose the second option and asked her to stay, then the following choice will appear (temporarily!):

  1. I love you. – we answer like this if we want to start a love line with Triss.
  2. Let’s try again.
  3. Go. I will miss you.

The Wither 3

If they confessed their love, then the girl will stay and go with Gerald to retire to the lighthouse. The remaining two options will not bring any result, and the red-haired beauty will leave us.

Attention! If in the future, during the passage, you start a love line with Yennefer by completing the “Last Wish” quest and reciprocating, then the “Tango for Three” task will open, within which Triss and Yen will arrange an unforgettable night for Gerald.

This completes the Now or Never quest in The Witcher 3.. After we sleep with the sorceress, Dijkstra will meet us and offer to kill Radovid – a new additional quest “Deadly Plot” will start and an interesting plot story related to the struggle for land and power.

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