The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

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Even the basic version of the game is just incredibly large-scale, but there are still two big additions with new stories for those who have already passed the main plot. Finding all the secrets of the game will not be easy, and undoubtedly, in our travels as Geralt of Rivia, many of us missed some of them. In this collection, we tried to collect the most interesting ones.

Farting Trolls

Finding this quest is quite difficult because it is not on the map. But he is, like a gopher from a famous movie, and it’s definitely worth going through. Frankly speaking, stumbling upon it by chance will be much more pleasant. The sounds of gases being released are an eternal reason for laughter in friendly companies, but imagine your feelings if you hear them in a deep dark cave, being the Witcher.

Moreover, upon further examination, it turns out that trolls are farting there, who without any doubt have a great time. Unfortunately, if you get closer to them, they will become hostile, and Geralt can kill them or run away with fond memories. In fact, these trolls are unique, and they have names – Jesse, Dodger and Joe, borrowed from famous streamers from YouTube.


The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

The guesthouse is a leisure club for high-ranking Nilfgaardian officials, however, the atmosphere there changes depending on the time of day in which you come there – day or night. It is said that this quest was supposed to be part of something bigger, and many suspect that it is from the cut line of quests of Iorweth, one of the key characters of the second “The Witcher”.

There was a plague in the quest that infected Nilfgaard’s soldiers, and even the summoning of demons. But be that as it may, now the Guest House is interesting only for the change of day and night situation, otherwise it is a rather empty place.

Winnie the Pooh

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

This Easter egg is quite easy to miss because in the world of The Witcher, animals are quite harsh. Specifically in this case, it can already be killed and searched before it is realized that it was a hidden Easter egg. The animal we’re talking about is a bear, and he’s wearing a red shirt. Who could it be? Which bear wore a red shirt? It’s definitely Winnie the Pooh!

Forgery of documents

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

This quest at the beginning of the game is called “Fake Papers” – one of many that allow you to get permission to pass north to Novigrad. It is given by one suspicious character who forges documents and sells false certificates, although they are quite expensive. But you can help his brother-in-law and get a discount.

His brother-in-law, along with several peasants, robs corpses on the battlefield. Your task is to protect them from ghouls devouring corpses. Despite the fact that the purpose of the quest is to save them all, if the brother-in-law dies, the peasants will be happy and thank you, because they were forced to work for the villain. As a reward, they will give the promised gold and even more, and if you find the corpse of your brother-in-law, you will find a certificate, but the initiator of the quest will be dissatisfied. What a shame!

Merry cemetery in Toussaint

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Jokes on tombstones are not a new phenomenon, remember games such as Monkey Island 2, Divinity Original Sin, Oblivion, and this is not a complete list. The Witcher 3 was no exception. In the cemetery in Toussaint you can find a lot of funny inscriptions, but the funny thing is that many names on the graves are borrowed from the employees of CD Projekt Red.

For example, there is such a diplomat: “Karolina Nivieglovskaya. I believed that a mutually beneficial agreement could be reached with everyone. She died in negotiations with an angry creature.” Of course, Karolina Nivieglovskaya at that time was the quality control manager at CDPR.

Talking Roach

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

The quest “What Do The Horses Talk About?” is very easy to miss because it’s quite far from the main event locations, but it’s one of the funniest in the entire game. Geralt drinks a potion with an unusual side effect – now he fully understands his faithful horse named Roach.

The quest is funny, but it’s laughter through tears. Geralt calls each of his horses Roach because he doesn’t want to remember different names for animals that, generally speaking, are not a pity to lose. Quite reasonable – the profession of a hunter of evil spirits is not the healthiest. Therefore, when roach begins to respond to Geralt, he simply comprehends new meanings. But it turns out that horses are like gnomes because they are not vindictive.

Grave in the grave

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Many may miss this quest because it is located deep in the sewers of Novigrad, so it is difficult to find it without knowing in advance. If only by accident.

A polite vampire hides in the sarcophagus. If you help the professor open the sarcophagus, the friendly vampire will ask what year it is. When he hears the answer, he will ask you in very strong terms to close the lid and leave. Of course, the annoying professor will ask you to open it again.

There are several options here. You can leave a cute vampire alone or still open this lid and fight him, because the boring professor needs something. If you do not touch the vampire, the quest will remain in your diary forever.

Schrödinger’s Witcher

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Witchers must remain neutral, control their emotions and kill only monsters, although at times it is people who are the most terrible monsters. However, there is a mission in the game where another witcher has carved out an entire village. Geralt has the choice of killing him or letting him go. In the second case, both witchers will return to the shelter.

From the letter, Geralt learns that the witcher had reasons to arrange this massacre – the villagers themselves attacked him. In the same letter, it is written that two more witchers escaped, but another, named Schrödinger, could have been both alive and dead.

Knee-high arrow

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Even if you haven’t played Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you probably know a meme about an arrow in the knee, which at one time literally flooded the Internet. He came from a phrase from this game: “I too was an adventurer, like you, until I got an arrow in the knee.”

“The Witcher 3” jokingly pays tribute to this meme – the words about the arrow in the knee are spoken several times, even Shani talks about it to the guard in the addition “Hearts of Stone”. But in one of the cases in Skellig, after the murder of a devil’s creature, you can find a letter in which it is written: “I was wounded in the knee.” But above in the text of the letter there is a mention of the bow, so this is quite an obvious mention of Skyrim, although not accurate. But for such references, perfect accuracy is completely unnecessary.

Beware of the White Rabbit

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Monty Python seems ancient these days, but their jokes will forever remain in the hearts of many people. And one of them, to whom The Witcher 3 also pays tribute, is the evil white rabbit from the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

On the way out of the cave, you can see a small white rabbit happily galloping through piles of bones, blood and human remains – fortunately, it is quite friendly. Therefore, Geralt can cook all the potions and use all the mutagens in the world, but against such a terrible beast he will not help.

Tattoo from “The Witcher 2”

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Getting this Easter egg is not so difficult, but it requires the fulfillment of one condition – Geralt must get drunk in the bar in the second part of The Witcher. He is so drunk that he wakes up with a tattoo on his neck.

It can be reduced, but if the player leaves it and transfers his save files to the third part, the tattoo will also remain there. Let this be a lesson for everyone – if you want to get a tattoo, try not to do it drunk.

A38 Pass

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Let this side quest annoy some, fans of the old cartoon “The Twelve Exploits of Asterix” will gladly appreciate the reference to their favorite cartoon. Geralt will have to perform an impossible task – to defeat the bureaucracy and get the legendary A38 pass.

It’s quite complicated because one person sends you to another and they all say you don’t have the right documents and find errors. Perhaps in games the bureaucracy is even more annoying than in real life, but this Easter egg definitely criticizes it, presenting it in the ugliest form.

Relax by the fire

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Few modern games have achieved the same popularity and success as the Dark Souls series, and it’s no surprise that other video games pay tribute to it. After an exciting battle with the giant in the Blood and Wine expansion, Geralt can go to a cave under the battlefield.

There is a bonfire in which a sword is stuck, where you will have a well-deserved rest. And you can take the sword for yourself – it will still be useful in other quests. This Easter egg is not as out of place as it seems at first glance, especially considering that the main battle tactic in both games is rolls.

Blacksmith Hattori

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

This elven merchant is familiar to many players, and they know that he is a master cook of dumplings, but his true passion is the production of swords. After completing his quest “Swords and Dumplings” he will sell you great swords.

But if you know that this character is a reference to both the blacksmith from the first part of “Kill Bill” and Hattori Hanzo, the famous Japanese ninja of the Sengoku era, it is filled with much more meaning. And the fulfillment of his quest does not entail any negative consequences – you can buy excellent swords from him, but he will not stop cooking dumplings.

Weeping Angels of Velena

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

This Easter egg will be appreciated by every Doctor Who fan, because it resembles one of the creepiest races of the series – the Weeping Angels. The cemetery in Velen has a small building with two angels on opposite sides of the entrance.

As you leave, you may notice that they move every time you turn your back on them. And even if they do not interfere with you in any way and disappear altogether after you turn your back to them a couple of times, it is still somehow uncomfortable. Just in case, remember not to blink.

Ciri talks about Cyberpunk 2077

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Surely most of those who have played Cyberpunk have already heard about it. However, it is equally certain that when The Witcher 3 first came out, no one who saw the dialogue even understood what it was about.

Now, after the release of Cyberpunk 2077, we know exactly what she tried to tell so many years ago. She was definitely traveling to the future, and we’ve already seen the opposite Easter egg to some extent – Ciri appears in Knight City, albeit just on the cover of a magazine.

Skeleton of a Tomb Raider

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

It cannot be said that in the first passage of the game we expected some references to the Tomb Raider series, but the state of the so-called tomb raider without exaggeration caught us in a frenzy. In the quest “The Great Escape” in the old tomb you can find a skeleton. Usually, Geralt doesn’t say anything in such cases, but here he smirks and calls the skeleton a tomb raider with an attraction to elven treasure.

Try not to take this Easter too seriously, because the humor of “The Witcher” is quite unpretentious, at times even childish or completely black. Consider this a playful banter in the Tomb Raider series.

William’s Cry

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Perhaps nowadays there is not a single media with sound where William’s cry has not been used at least once. We’ve all heard it before in movies, TV shows, and of course, video games. But in this game, it is not used by itself, but rather presented in the form of an Easter egg, which can accidentally sound at the death of Geralt or even a hostile NPC.

So the use of this Easter egg is appropriate only because it can catch you completely unexpectedly – its appearance is not guaranteed. Of course, it is quite contradictory – you can laugh heartily at its absurdity, and writhe in pain when you hear this vile sound.

Death of Tyrion Lannister

The Witcher 3: Secrets and Easter Eggs

It is quite logical that in the game in the setting based on the Middle Ages there will be Easter eggs from one of the most popular TV series of that time, the action of which takes place in a similar setting. There are many islands in Skellig, one of which has a prison. It has a celestial chamber where a corpse lies, very similar to Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones.

It is unlikely that anyone would even be able to survive in such a chamber, given the cold and windy climate of Skellige. It is a pity that Tyrion, who died in this cell, did not have time to learn to fly.

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