The Witcher 3: Sleep in the City quest – walkthrough and consequences

20220924194713 1 The Witcher 3: Sleep in the City quest - walkthrough and consequences

“Dream in the City” is a story mission in The Witcher 3, in which we will meet a oneiromancer and learn a little more about Ciri’s adventures in Novigrad. It was Triss who told us who to contact. Further in the guide, a detailed walkthrough of “Dream in the City” is presented and the consequences of the decisions made are considered.

Sarah’s house

This story quest starts automatically after completing The Bonfires of Novigradin which Triss will tell the White Wolf about Corina Tilly – oneiromancer. We go to the dreamer to Sarah’s House (known throughout Novigrad).

Near our house will meet the banker Rudolf de Jonker. A man will brag about his acquisition in the form of this big house, but that’s not the problem – a ghost walks inside, which is constantly dirtying. Therefore, the banker called Corina Tilly to find out the whole history of the house and find out why the ghost lives here. We ask a few questions and go into the house.

Exploring the Cursed House

We go inside, search the first floor and hear how screams from above. Korina has a nightmare. We go up to the bedroom and see a picture – the gods are conjuring over the dream of a oneiromancer. Apparently he deliberately created a nightmare in dreams and does not allow her to wake up.

The Witcher 3

From the fragments of the phrases of the sleeping dreamer, it will become clear what is needed find the doll in the attic. We pass into the next room and go up the stairs. Further, the passage is blocked by a broken wooden rack.

The Witcher 3

We use the Aard sign and search the attic. On the stool we will find image of a cradlea doll on the bench.

The Witcher 3

We return back to Korina and pass into another room where there is a cradle. Just before that, do not forget to open the sheet with the image of the crib in your inventory, you need the witcher to say out loud what to do next.

The Witcher 3

As soon as Gerald puts the doll in the crib, the door will close and a new clue will appear – oven leaflet. Let’s go look for the next place – going down to the first floor and under the stairs we find a hatch leading to the basement of the house.

The Witcher 3

Curse of the house

Going down to the basement, we will find the same furnace. We examine it and get acquainted with the creature that settled here – Sarah. She is very playful and does not want this banker to move in here, so the girl arranges harmless dirty tricks and all people think that this house is inhabited by ghosts.

The Witcher 3

Gerald will ask why she sends nightmares into the girl’s dreams. In fact, Sarah did it out of good intentions, she just really likes to watch scary dreams, they seem funny to her. All in all please stop and let the oneiromancer wake up.

In a dialogue with a god, there will be a choice – expel Sarah in The Witcher 3 or not:

  1. “Let’s agree”. In this case, Sarah will disenchant the dreamer, and we have to tell the banker that the house has a strong curse that cannot be removed. Later, this house will be bought by Corina Tilly, and she will live together with Sarah, a god. Then you can look at them.
  2. “Then I’ll evict you myself.” Pribozhek will not be harmed in any way, moreover, she will meet with Ivasik, whom we met during the task “Mistress of the Forest” in an orphanage in the swamps. We will meet this couple later in the story, when we go to Bald Mountain together with Ciri.

The Witcher 3

Both options are favorable for Sarahso we choose for ourselves. If you decide to drive her away, you will have to run after the burdock and set it on fire in the stove with the sign of Ignius. Pribozhek will quarrel a little and leave, and Korina will wake up.

The Witcher 3

The girl will thank us and ask how she can help. So Gerald negotiates with her meet at the Golden Sturgeon tavernShe rents a room there. The goal is clear, we leave the house and talk to the banker. We notify Rudolf that the house is clean and you can move. But now the banker no longer wants to live here and is thinking of putting it up for sale, promising to pay us commission on the deal in a week if we find him.

True in dreams

Having agreed with Rudolph, we go to the Golden Sturgeon tavern. We rise to the second floor and pass into the room to Korina. The girl has already recovered from the nightmares and is ready to get to work. She will ask us to answer all questions honestly.

Next, Korina will ask you to share your most vivid memory associated with Ciri. We will have a list – we can tell everything.

The Witcher 3

Then comes the question of her strength. We also choose one specific answer or listen to everything. This does not affect anything, but we can learn more about Ciri from the stories of Herald.

Next, we answer the last question – to whom, in our opinion, Ciri will turn for help. Choose any option and watching a dream – Buttercup with a swallow.

The Witcher 3

We’ve got the following clue. So we should find Buttercup. We tell the dream to the oneiromancer, she will tell you that the poet is worth look in the institution “Sage and Rosemary”.

This completes the passage of the task “Sleep in the City” in The Witcher 3.

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