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The world premiere of the iPhone 13 line took place

Following the announcement of the iPad 9 and Apple Watch Series 7, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 13 line. It features the Apple A15 chipset, high-brightness display and cameras with which you can shoot movies of Hollywood quality.

Inside the iPhone 13, there will be a new architecture. Both vanilla and iPhone mini have a display that’s 28% brighter (1200 nits at maximum) than previous generations. The new lineup features the Apple A15 chipset. It has 6 cores, four of which are used for high-cost tasks, and the other two for energy-efficient tasks. Apple iPhone 13 is 50% faster than its competitors. Responsible for the graphics are 4 cores, which allow you to run games such as Genshin Impact at high settings.

The world premiere of the iPhone 13 line took place The world premiere of the iPhone 13 line took place

As for the camera, there are two lenses on the back, one of them is 12MP wide with an aperture of f / 1.6 and stabilization. That is, with the iPhone 13, you can take pictures in almost complete darkness. Another lens also shoots at 12MP, but it has ultra wide viewing angles. The standard iPhone 13 and mini will have 5G that works in many places. The fifth generation is supported in 60 countries, but only by 200 telecom operators.

The battery will allow you to spend 2.5 hours on your smartphone than on the iPhone 12. Privacy settings hide your IP address, and Siri requests will not leave the device.

iPhone 13 Pro

1631646426 548 The world premiere of the iPhone 13 line took place The world premiere of the iPhone 13 line took place

Apple said the iPhone 13 Pro uses premium materials. Also added to this version is an enlarged battery and three lenses on the back. The Pro line also consists of the Pro Max. The Super Retina display has a peak brightness of 1,000 nits and a frequency of 120 Hz. At the same time, the screen itself adjusts the refresh rate to what you are doing: reading text, looking at photos or playing games.

As for the camera, there is a telephoto lens at the back, a wide and ultra wide lens. The lenses also allow you to take macro photos. Each lens has a low aperture night mode. After shooting a video or photo, you can change various elements, for example, who to focus on in a frame with several actors. That is, professional filmmakers will be able to work exclusively on the iPhone 13 Pro without using other devices. The battery of the new line will allow you to sit behind the screen for 2.5 hours more than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

IPhone 13 cost

  • iPhone 13 – 58,200 rubles
  • iPhone 13 mini – 50 900 rubles
  • iPhone 13 Pro – 72 800 rubles
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max – 80,000 rubles

All models will go on sale on September 24th. You can pre-order them now.

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