This is the President – a presidential simulator with a release on smartphones in May

Publisher HandyGames announced the release of This is the President for iOS and Android in early May. We take on the role of a bad President, who needs to achieve changes to the Constitution with all his might.

This is the President is a PC strategy game coming to smartphones on May 10th. In it, one must manage resources, deceive, give bribes and blackmail politicians in order to make some amendment to the Constitution in four years; it will give you immunity and hide from prying eyes gray deeds of the past.

Those who have played say that This is the President will appeal to fans of the House of Cards series and the This is the Police series of games. Of course, some characters – the vice president among them – are written comically, but this does not destroy the general thread of the story. Only after the third year as president can a feeling of deja vu arise – the game does not throw up unique events, and by this time you already understand all the mechanics. Dry conclusion – This is the President is something between a visual novel and a simulator.


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