Three best characters to play in Skullgirls 2nd Encore

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During the ten years since its initial release, Skullgirls remained a game with a loyal core audience. One of the most successful esports athletes in the fighting game community, Dominique McLean, aka SonicFox, is among the fans of this 2D fighting and even has a cameo in the game.

So if you are interested in Skullgirls 2nd Encore, we got you covered with the list of the best characters from the point of game balance.


Let’s start with one of the strongest Skullgirls characters. Annie is a folklore character with her own popular TV show, “Annie of the stars.” But few know that she is not a fictional person portrayed by different actresses but a real immortal being. Moreover, Annie isn’t capable of aging. She is forever young.

However, that was not her wish. While many of us might consider this a blessing, for Annie, this is definitely a curse. Thanks to the Skull Heart, the central artifact in the game’s lore, her mother could fulfill her corrupted wish of a daughter who will always remain a kid. As a result, Annie took on a mission to fight other skullgirls, the victims of sinful desires, to stop them from doing horrible deeds. While doing that, she tries to educate people about the dangers of Skull Heart.

While this energetic, brave girl might be attractive for her personality, for skilled players, it is her versatility that makes her stand out. Thanks to her cosmic sword, she is strong in close combat as well as in mid-range. By the way, that sword was made out of a meteorite. Even here, we see the celestial essence of her gimmick.

Her star power (again, all according to the theme of the character) adds strength to her character. It enables more different possibilities to defeat her opponents. Annie’s downside is that she is not very good at creating an opening for an attack. Yet, fighting games are also about punishing your opponents for mistakes; with that, she has no problem.

And if you’re not convinced to give her a chance, one more fun fact. While Annie wants to educate people on some matters which are difficult to understand, she has a little helper whose name is… Sagan! What a way to pay tribute to the famous astrologist and science communicator!


Let’s continue with the character who has quite a notable reference to the real world. Beowulf is one of the most important pieces of Old English literature. This poem, created sometime between the 7th and 10th centuries AD, describes the path of Beowulf, the hero of the Geats. He proceeds to defeat the monster called Grendel.

That story found its reflection in the Skullgirls lore. The difference is that Beowulf became a successful wrestler and not-so-successful movie actor. What he lacked, apparently, was some charisma and acting skills. That led him into a deep search for his past. As a result, Beowulf begins his fight against Bloody Marie, the current skullgirl.

Why should you choose this arrogant yet honest guy who wants to be at the center of attention? First of all, his fighting style. It is both spectacular and practical. You can deal lots of damage with his attacks and throws. He has hilarious taunts, used to gather lots of Hype which can be used to defeat an opponent. Finally, he has a steel chair! Beowulf is a character that is both fun and strong.

Be careful, however, since Beowulf is not invincible. As with many other huge muscular guys in real life, this wrestler is not very mobile, and a skilled opponent can dodge his attacks. However, if you successfully grab an opponent, that might be an enjoyable experience!


Did you know that professional wrestling takes its origin from carnival attraction? Well, we’ll continue this topic with Cerebella. She is not a wrestler but a circus performer, and we all know of carnivals with circuses.

Cerebella was an orphan who was adopted into a traveling circus. Since she was a child, her life went along with the living weapon called Vice Versa. Vice Versa was a couple of muscular hands on the top of the head, which Cerebella used to perform as a fighter.

Having an energetic personality, Cerebella defeats her opponents in a flashy manner. She can deal terrible, terrible damage while also having an outstanding range of attacks. However, she really lacks mobility. That makes her a vulnerable fighter in one-on-one bouts. But when paired with other characters, Cerebella can truly shine.

Fighting games are all about fun. Remember that when you are playing. While there is nothing wrong with the aspiration to become stronger, don’t freak yourselves out if something goes wrong. We hope our article will help you have fun hours playing Skullgirls 2nd Encore. Good luck, have fun and take care!

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