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Tiny is an unusual shooter with strange sounds

Studio Kapsicus has launched a Tiny game on Android. If you are tired of serious shooters, you should try it.

Tiny is a mobile project that is available on Google Play in the US. In it we take on the role of a special forces detachment, consisting of cardboard fighters. The graphics and funny sounds make it feel like it’s an arcade game with auto-missions, but it’s not.

In Tiny you can break walls, windows and barricades. Also, the locations are large, and even walking cannot be set to auto-mode. At the same time, the enemies differ in their role and vary from ninjas to terrorists armed to the teeth. At each location, our main goal is to defuse the bomb and stay alive.

We are offered random missions, although the locations may not differ much. As for the difficulty, it increases quite quickly, so already at the third level you will be destroyed in the first minutes. To resist the enemy, you need to collect crystals and buy new weapons with armor. In general, the project is very entertaining and I recommend downloading it.

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