Tiny Pixel Knight: Chop Bears and Save Princesses

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An early version of Tiny Pixel Knight is out on Android. This is a pixel game where you have to upgrade your hero, complete tasks and watch him deal with enemies.

Tiny Pixel Knight is a pixel arcade game that has appeared on Google Play. Now an early launch is underway for it, which is also available for the CIS. The battles here take place in auto-mode, you just need to use the abilities. As we progress through, we will spend points to upgrade the talent tree. There is also a blacksmith in the game who will create or sharpen weapons, armor and accessories.

The main thing in Tiny Pixel Knight is to complete tasks. There are many of them, but they give a rare currency for completing them. To constantly fight with equal opponents, you need to choose new levels on the map. The developers promise hundreds of types of monsters, more than 200 skills, a bestiary and a system of achievements. So far, the project seems to be raw, and the maximum price tag reaches 6 190 rubles… However, Tiny Pixel Knight can be played along the way as the game supports vertical mode.

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