Tokyo Escape: Season Three for Call of Duty Mobile Launches Later This Week

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Publisher Activision has announced the launch of the third season for Call of Duty Mobile. This means players must prepare their wallets for the new Battle Pass. In addition to cool Asian and Samurai skins, we should expect two new multiplayer maps, new weapons, operatives, blueprints and challenges. For those who don’t like to invest their hard-earned money, there is something tasty: the “Bull Charge” skill at level 14 and PP19 Bizon at level 21. As for the premium guys, they will receive a new operator, Hidora Kai, in the first level. At level 25, another fighter, Oni, will become available. The rewards also include cards, emotions, and so on.

As for the two new online maps, they are Oasis and Coastal. Oasis first appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3; there the action takes place on the territory of a luxury hotel in the desert. The map is medium in size. Coastal is a quiet coastal town. The developers promise a lot of enclosed spaces.

From the new modes we get the following: Swords & Stones and Night Mode. In the first, the operatives only have knives and grenades. For killing, they give a boost to movement and attack. At some point, the Shadow Blade skill drops to the map. In night mode, you need to wear night vision goggles and hide in the shadows. Players will be guided by the sounds of footsteps and shots.

The third season of Tokyo Escape for Call of Duty Mobile kicks off on April 17th. Read more about the update. here

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