Top 10 games for April on iOS and Android: Total War, Game of Thrones, Echoes of Mana

Hello mobile gamers! With you AppTime Media and in this issue I will tell you which mobile games to try in April. There are many genres on the list, so no one will leave offended – we will look at strategies about the turbulent Middle Ages, an MMO with obliquely under Genshin, cooperative projects and more. Therefore, prepare some tea, sit back comfortably, because we’re on our way!


I’ll start with the studio Feral Interactive, which released the game Total War: MEDIEVAL II. The future rulers of Europe, Asia and Africa will be given 17 factions, many of which will have to be gradually opened. In terms of the army, the project will offer infantry, archers and cavalry fighting in real time on huge battlefields. In addition, you can use diplomacy, sign economic agreements and send agents to loosen the situation in the camp of the enemy. Well, do not forget about the bastards, otherwise they will also claim the throne.

Interestingly, the iOS version of Total War supports keyboard and mouse. As for add-ons, there are no in-game purchases in the game, it is generally sold for money, so everything should be included in the set. Well, another big plus is the presence of Russian localization.

Gunfire Reborn Mobile

Release date April 15th Gunfire Reborn Mobile. This is an adventure game with the addition of different genres – from shooters to roguelikes. Before each entry, the player will be able to choose and customize the hero, his equipment and talents, plus pass daily tests. The whole gameplay is in first person, and our task is to live as long as possible, get loot and destroy the bosses. In total, there are 4 biomes in the game with the ability to finish the race ahead of time if you are afraid of difficulties.

Of the pluses, I will note a cooperative of up to four people, it will be transferred to smartphones. The only question is, will it be cross-platform? As for the price, the free version contains all acts, guns, scrolls, items, and three starting heroes. That is for money You can only purchase individual characters.

Noah’s Heart

Publisher Tencent is working on an MMO Noah’s Heart. It will be released on April 13th in Asia. We are also waiting for information about the global CBT with Russian localization. The Chinese promise a huge planet with no downloads, but with a variety of biomes. A feature of the project is a quick class change depending on the selected weapon. Also in Noah’s Heart there is more emphasis on co-op with character customization, which is clearly better than in the pop Genshin; fans, dissuade me in the comments!

By the way, the next beta test of Noah’s Heart will be held for iOS, Android and PC. Let me remind you that back in December last year, the game gave out a stable 30 FPS on an average chipset. In terms of the engine, the developers used Unreal Engine 4. The picture is not the best, but the game attracts with a big world, weather changes and others whistles.

Project Snow

Actions with anime girls from the future continue to gather an audience around them, so meet – Project Snow. On April 14th, CBT will be held in Asia. In terms of gameplay, everything is simple – we collect a group of waifu with huge guns and dazzling models. Then they are sent on missions to save the world against robots.

If you think that this is all, then you are deeply mistaken. In the new videos, the developers showed the boss battles, in which they added elements from the “bullet hell” genre. That is, in a small arena, you must simultaneously hit the leader with his henchmen, while dodging numerous bullets, spheres, and so on. Well, the icing on the cake is that Project Snow is now called the “Deep White Forbidden Zone” in China. I note that the global version has not yet been announced, so the name for the West can be changed.

Maximus 2

If you remember the Golden Ax series, then get acquainted – Maximus 2 out on smartphones. I am glad that the project is free and for money you can buy only additional characters, everything else is unlocked as you progress. The developers have added co-op for 4 people and funny animations, for example, your hero gets a black eye or finishes off a lying enemy with his fists. Of course, for a complete passage you need a legendary gearfor this you need to quickly pass the level and not take damage – then the chance of falling out will be higher.

The creators of Maximus 2 also added a lot of fan service to the game, easter eggs and secret rooms. For example, in addition to the typical medieval locations, we will find ourselves in the subway and even fight Jason from Friday the 13th while pigs, mummies and orcs sit and read the newspaper. The most important thing is to run to the checkpoint so that after death you don’t start over, although you are given a limited number of instant resurrections for passing.

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall

For Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall, a global CBT is underway. This is a new version with improved graphics and a modified combat system. Now, instead of battles like chess, you will be offered turn-based hero battles in a group like Asian projects. This means that the number of wins depends on the level and rarity of your Jon Snow. The rest of the project will remain unchanged. Of course, if you are a Game of Thrones fan and have not played Beyond the Wall before, then I recommend it – the project tells the backstory of the events related to the series.

Of course, since this is an F2P game, the focus is on PvP and boss fights. Well, since you need a strong squad to go through individual chapters, then TapTap gamers are already wondering if it will be possible to go far without a donation? Well, since the Game of Thrones franchise is large-scale, such a minimal approach to remakes and remasters of mobile projects makes you cry.

Chronicle of Infinity

Chronicle of Infinity — mobile slasher with realistic graphics and challenging gameplay. It’s not exactly Diablo, because the emphasis is on MMOs, although who am I kidding – Diablo Immortal is a purely Asian theme, only in a familiar wrapper. The developers of Chronicle of Infinity promise PvP for 150 players, and in the “royal battle” format; the winners are waiting for wealth, fame and an exclusive title. In addition, you can go to random dungeons with random monsters, chests, entrances, and so on.

It is also known that many easter eggs. Well, in order to constantly win, I recommend getting wings and pets – they will save you in mortal danger. Of the pluses, I note that Russian localization was added to the game. Only a few notice that this project is a copy of Dark Nemesis and it is still unclear who “copied” from whom during development.

Echoes of Mana

Square Enix will release on smartphones Echoes of ManaIt will take place on April 30th. For fans of the Mana series, this is a celebration of the soul, as all the familiar characters will appear in it, plus new ones, and even those who did not have a voice in the previous parts will be voiced. In terms of gameplay, we go through levels that involve three heroes; you can freely switch between them. According to the plot, we are clearing the worlds from monsters, and among the biomes and locations there will be both old and new ones.

Like Genshin, Echoes of Mana will feature two gender-separated protagonists. Of the minuses, I note that the Japanese again scored on Russian localization. The developers are targeting both veterans of the series and newcomers. The only thing we don’t know yet is about online elements like guilds and PvP. They will probably be added, but still follow the news on our website.

Endless National

For Endless National launched a regional beta test. It’s a pity that the CIS was not included in it, but the files can always be found on our website. In terms of gameplay, this is a pure geo-strategy with a world map, clans and territory capture. The difference with the same Lord of the Rings from NetEase is only that we command historical figures from different eras and countries; only this is not Civilization, so do not wait for Peter I.

The developers of Endless National promise large-scale PvP battles with more than 1,000 players, and they somehow fit on one screen. Each commander also starts on an equal footing, without the possibility stock upVIP status or accelerated production. In total, the release version will have more than 100 heroes, including even Caesar himself.

Silent Mist

Silent Mist is a tower defense project in which we employ 19th-century English waifu women. Together with them it is necessary to fight with the minions of Cthulhu and descend to the bottom of the abyss. In the story, we play the role of a detective who must solve the mystery associated with Big Ben. For constant victories, you need to improve and change units, as well as cooperate with friends.

By the way, since we are detectives, fights and bird’s-eye views will not do – you need to inspect rooms and even entire locations for clues. Of course, this mechanic does not go far – everything ends up reflecting the waves of the enemy and destroying the boss. So until we collect all the stars from the levels.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Thanks for watching to the end. Come to us for a light and know that we are working non-stop just for you, constantly chatting in the comments and following the hot industry news. See you later!

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